Singapore Citizenship

Singapore grants approximately 22,000 new citizenships annually to individuals who are committed to making Singapore their home. Strong footed Permanent residents , who are an integral part of the Singapore community will be eligible to apply for the Singapore Citizenship.
Clients have up to two months to complete the Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ). The SCJ comprises the Singapore Experiential Tour and the Community Sharing session. Following this they can then complete other formalities for citizenship. get their pink National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC) and citizenship certificates.

You can apply for a Singapore citizenship if you are:

1. Singapore PR for 2 years , above 21 years old and currently Employed in Singapore
2. Married to a Singapore Citizen for 2 years and Singapore PR for at least 2 years
3. Unmarried Child under the age of 21 born to a Singapore Citizen or legally adopted by a Singapore Citizen
4. Student who has been a PR for at least 1 year and Studied in Singapore for at least 3 years Passed at least 1 national exam (PSLE GCE N/O/A levels) or is in the Integrated Programme (IP)
5. A PR who is also an aged parent (65 years old) of a Singapore citizen

1 Education A Singaporean Citizen will be given first priority for schools in Singapore (Pre Schools/ Primary/ Secondary/ Junior Colleges/ Polytechnics). Singaporeans are also eligible for subsidised schooling fees. (From pre school to university)
2 Healthcare Singapore Citizens will be entitled to Government subsidies for Public Hospitals and Polyclinics.
3 Singaporeans are eligible to own HDB. Singaporeans can also purchase Built-to-Order Flats (BTO) which are subsidised by the Government. Singaporeans do not have to pay Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) for their first property.
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4 Parenthood Incentives
• Singaporeans can use Medisave to pay for pre-delivery medical expenses and delivery expenses for all children
• Singaporeans are given an Enhanced Baby Bonus - Cash bonus of up to SGD $8000 for the 1st and 2nd child
- Cash bonus of up to SGD $10,000 for the 3rd and 4th Child
• Tax relief from 5% - 25 % for working mother
• Parents of Singapore Citizen Infants receive infant care subsidy of up to SGD $400 per month
• Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession Rate of SGD $250 applies to all households with children aged 12 and under.

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